Monday, November 30, 2009

First Day Back

Well, the big day has come and gone. I started back to work today. Overall it was a good, but somewhat crazy day. Nick was out of town for work, so I actually managed to get both children and me up and out the door. I know that doesn't sound like a very impressive feat, but when it is the first time you've ever had to do it... Well, I was impressed, anyway.

We left the house about 7:30am, and got to school in time for Carter to have breakfast and me to talk with Callen's teachers for a bit and love on her before I headed out. Gosh, driving away from school is still tough...but I made it to work by 8:40, and managed to have a good, productive day!

Callen had a great first day. She took lots of little naps, which I remember Carter doing at first too, ate well (drank all of all three bottles!--I don't think Carter did that), and enjoyed new experiences. She got to go on a buggy ride to see her brother. Carter's teachers said that he was so cute. They opened the door to push the buggy in and Carter said, "that's my baby Callen" and climbed up on the buggy to hug and kiss her.

When I picked them up, I picked Carter up first and took him to Callen's room to pick her up. He found her in the floor and wanted to read her a book. How precious is that?

I think it did me good to get back to the working world a bit, and it is so wonderful to have Carter and Callen in childcare that I love and that they thrive in. Though, I sure do miss those two precious kiddos when I am not with them!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Card Out-takes

Well, yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and try to get a good picture (or two) for our Christmas card. 100 pictures later, I think we found that we had a few good ones to choose from to showcase on the Christmas card. While I'll save the selected shot for the cards, I'll share some of the non-selected ones for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with our sweet little family of four...and it couldn't have been better! Nick and I prepped and made all of the yummy sides on Wednesday and Thursday, and Nick smoked a {WONDERFUL} turkey on Thursday.

I couldn't help but think of how truly thankful I am to have such a precious, healthy family. My husband is amazing beyond belief and my sweet children are one of God's greatest blessings in my life. My cup runneth over.

I start back to work on Monday, and I can even say that I am looking forward to it a bit. I know that it will be hard to leave Callen, but I can hope that over time she will have as many wonderful experiences in school as Carter has had. In preparation for my return to work, Callen decided to start sleeping through the night last week. Praise the Lord. I am much appreciative!

We also enjoyed the too close Alabama-Auburn football game yesterday. Callen was awake for most of it, and Carter wanted to play his own football game while we were watching it. They were decked out in their Tide gear...

Heaven forbid that he tear his eyes away from the game for a picture...he must be his daddy's child.

There, that's as good as I could get.

Yeah, keep wishing me luck with that Christmas card pic...still looking like I'm going to need it.

Our New (not-so-new) Front Door

A while back, I posted this about our front door being restored/repaired. About 2 and half weeks later, our door was re-hung, and we were absolutely thrilled with the result. They repaired the warped part of the door, refinished both sides, and added some much needed (and, now, much appreciated) weather stripping along the bottom.

So, now, our very old door still looks appropriate for our house, but has a nice new luster.

About a week and a half ago, I got a call from a woman at the Indian.apolis They were doing a piece on the owner of the company who restored our door, and wanted to ask us a few questions {one of which was, can we photograph your door for the article}. So....this morning, I get a call from a friend who says, "Is that your door on the front page of the Extra section of the Star?"

Indeed, it is. Check it out here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

I suppose I have been very neglectful of the blog lately. We haven't had too much going on, but, as a result, there hasn't been that much to share. Well, I guess there still isn't too much to share, but I feel compelled to update nonetheless.

I ordered Carter some Christmas pjs the other day, and they came in the mail on Saturday. I wanted to make sure they fit so I had him try them on. Then, I decided that I'd put Callen's Christmas pjs {that Popsy and Gigi gave her} on her, and Carter wanted me to take a picture. I got just a taste of how difficult it is going to be to get a good Christmas card picture. Wish me luck!
On to a totally different subject: fruit. Carter has always been a pretty good eater, but lately he is getting a little finicky. Since babyfood, he has always eaten fruit well, and despite being finicky about other things, he still LOVES fruit. In fact, he can put away so much fruit that Nick and I wonder where in the heck it goes! {side note: the only fruit that he doesn't like--that we've found--is watermelon! Not sure if he doesn't like the texture or what, but he is not a fan.}

We had apples, pears and grapes at our house most of the weekend, and he was pleased to eat all of them. However, Nick went to the Fresh Market last night to pick up a few things for dinner and they had berries 2/$5, so he brought home a surprise for Carter.

Carter was going after them like they were, well, fruit. {yes, that is a blackberry in his cheek!} I don't think that Nick could have brought home anything else that would have made him happier!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Entertainment

Today the weather was transitioning from some very nice 60 degree weather to typical November weather, so we were taking advantage of the nice weather early in the day. I was picking up the house a bit, and Nick was cutting the grass and cleaning up the yard. While we were doing this, we let Carter play in the backyard.

He spent quite a bit of time shooting hoops, but at one point, I looked out the back window and saw this:

Carter had pulled the wagon from the garage into the middle of the backyard and climbed in. I watched him for a few minutes and then couldn't resist taking some pictures {through the window--he didn't know I was watching and photographing}.

He is always entertaining!

Callen is beginning to adapt to her Baby.wise routine that we have been working on for A. WHILE. now. She still isn't sleeping quite as long as I'd like at night, but she has been stretching it out a bit lately. I love that she is so much happier and less fussy, and her coos and smiles are delightful. Her brother loves to love on her, and she is very into her playmat these days. In the picture below, you can see her reaching for the toys! I really do love seeing my children reach new milestones.

Friday, November 13, 2009

In Case You Didn't Know

...this guy has a full name. According to Carter, it is Diego Harrison Willis.

Last night when Nick put Carter to bed, Carter picked up his Diego doll {or action figure, as Nick likes to correct me} and said something Nick couldn't totally understand. He asked Carter to repeat it. Carter held up Diego and said, "Diego Harrison Willis." Nick told me the story when I got home from a meeting, and I couldn't stop laughing.

This morning, I asked Carter what Diego's full name is, and he said "Diego Harrison Willis." I tried to explain to him that was his full name, but he said, "No! Diego's!"

Good to know.

Monday, November 9, 2009

All Smiles

It appears that Callen has decided that life isn't so bad, after all.

In the last few weeks, Callen has really become a much different baby. She is MUCH less fussy now, and is sleeping a little better {though still not as much as Mommy would prefer!}. We just noticed this weekend that she will try to reach for things every now and then.

Kicking around on her playmat...she isn't fussing; she is lovin' it!

Look at the smiles and the bright eyes this precious little girl gives us now. I. LOVE. IT.

Hey, y'all!!!