Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Have Been a Slack Blogger

I have not, however, been a slacker in life, which has led to a crazy busy November that left no time for blogging. So, here on the 27th of November, I will re-cap what we've been up to this month.

On Nov 3, I accompanied Carter's class on their field trip to Dis.ney on Ice. It was fun...a little crazy with 18 children {even with the 5 parents}; I have no idea how the teachers do it. Eighteen of someone else's children out in public once a month. I fear my blood pressure would never recover.
Our self-portrait
the best picture I could get of the skating action
The first week of November, we took an unexpected afternoon trip to the doctor because Carter woke up from a nap howling that his ear hurt. He did, in fact, have a nasty ear infection. So, we were sentenced to 10 days of antibiotics...not that he bubble gum flavored amo.xil.
Nick and I were fortunate enough for my parents to take our children to the beach during the first weekend of November so that we could attend the "Game of the Century" {or so it was billed}. We did indeed have a great time, though we would have much preferred to have won the game. It has been interesting to watch college football implode unfold since then... We can't wait until next Sunday night!
Fast forward a few weeks and Carter was able to help celebrate HG's birthday at Cali.fornia Kitchen. Didn't know they did birthday parties there, but it was a lot of fun. The children made their own pizzas, toured the kitchen and sang Happy Birthday and ate cake!

Carter and HG
Carter's pizza
Callen found {and fell in love with} "tall" boots! This was her Thanksgiving attire for the two Thanksgivings that we celebrated.
First, we had my family over to our house on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and then we headed up to Decatur on Thursday for Thanksgiving celebrations with the Willis clan. I left my camera at home, so I don't have any pictures of the fine food or the cousins. :(

We also picked out our Christmas tree the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We knew it was supposed to rain, so we picked it out early so it wouldn't be wet and put it up in our house to fall out over the weekend. It now has the lights and the star on it and is waiting to be trimmed.

Nick and I took a little day trip yesterday down Hwy 280 to watch the Tide in their final regular season game of the season.
They did not disappoint! It was a great win to cap off a great regular season and it was very fun to get to tailgate with some of our friends who are Au.burn fans and catch up with them!

Here's hoping you and your family enjoyed a lovely November and a beautiful Thanksgiving celebrating your blessings with family and friends.