Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rainy Day at the beach

I took the two children down to the beach last Saturday so that they could play down there for the week with Aunt B and Bamma. Unfortunately, it rained all afternoon on Saturday and almost all day on Sunday. What to do with two lively children at the beach when it rains all weekend?

Decorate your own cupcakes!

I think Carter enjoyed the decorating more than the eating, but Callen liked it all!

Riding your hot wheels/scooter inside
It is always fun to get to break the rules, right? Riding your riding toys inside on a rainy day is great, forbidden fun!

They also managed to read books, watch a movie, play with toys, puzzles, cars, and nap before the rain stopped enough for a quick dip in the pool.

I think the weather has been much better since Sunday and they have been enjoying all kinds of swimming and outdoor fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Movies

On Sundays, we usually spend a fair amount of time in the afternoon at the pool. However, two Sundays ago, it rained all day on Sunday. Carter had been wanting to go see C.ars 2, so we called Aunt Emily and Uncle Steve to see if they would be so kind as to keep Callen so that we could go to the movies. They were happy to {on VERY short notice} and we were thankful so we could go see what Mc.Queen was up to these days.

This was Carter's first trip to the movie, so he was pretty excited.

Walking to the theatre with Dad
3D C.ars 2
Shoveling in Skit.tles
The movie was a bit disappointing to me after how good the first one was, but Carter enjoyed his movie-going experience and was really well behaved. He even managed to keep his 3D glasses on the whole time!

Afterward, we went to Mug.shots for a yummy dinner with Aunt Emily, Uncle Steve and Callen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Golf Tournament

A few weekends ago, we traveled back up to Decatur because Nick was playing in the Patrick Murphree Memorial Golf Tournament. My SIL and BIL are very involved in the organization and execution of the golf tournament, so I usually go up there too so that our children can play.

I am pretty sure that our children had just as much fun as their fathers did.

Carter "driving" the golf cart. Owen {who is two} actually made it go, so Andrea confiscated the key!
Callen loved being the center of attention with the big girls!
Carter and Holley Ann played kickball
Then, Dad joined in the fun
By the time we got ready for bed at Debbie's, two little ones were wiped out!
It was a fun weekend and we were glad to get to play with cousins!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is... you throw a fit when you get put in time out at Debbie's work.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating Big Pat {& America!}

We spent the Fourth of July {and an extended weekend} down on the coast with my family. My dad's birthday is on the Fourth, so we always have a fun celebration.

There was no shortage of fun and entertainment for my children. They {we} swam, went for boat rides, saw and chased a Pirate's Ship {Carter loved this part!}, the big boys went fishing, we went on a Sunset dinner cruise on the 4th, and we ate yummy 4th food and celebrated Big Pat's birthday!

We couldn't have asked for a prettier weekend, and we enjoyed our family and our fun in the sun! Here is just a peek at our weekend in pictures!

Swimming with Bamma
"Hollywood" swimming with her sunglasses on her head
Carter showing off his excellent swimming skills

Early the morning of the 4th, Big Pat, Uncle Steve and Dad went fishing. They caught their limit of red snapper {2/person} and were back at the dock by 11:30am! Everyone had to check out the catch!
All the fellas with the biggest red snapper
Mom had planned to serve the traditional ribs and sides to celebrate the 4th, but after the big catch that morning, we changed plans. We had the traditional BBQ food for lunch and took a dinner/drink boat cruise that evening and had appetizers, beverages and red snapper tacos! Yummy! It was a fun time...most of the boat traffic had died down and we enjoyed being together out on the water.
Lots of activity while the cooking was going on
Carter and Callen with Bamma and Big Pat
Carter and Big Pat
We hope your Fourth of July was as relaxing, fun, and memorable as ours was!