Sunday, June 26, 2011

Golf, Blueberries and Cousins

We spent this weekend in Decatur, Nick's hometown, so that he could play in a golf tournament with a good buddy of his. {aside: They won the tourney! They had a weekend full of rain delays, and I had to head home with the children today, so we missed the big finale. Nonetheless, we are super proud of Nick and Wes!}

While Nick and Wes were playing golf, we got to spend time with family we don't get to see as frequently as we would like. We visited with the Murphree family first thing on Saturday morning and then the Stephensons were kind enough to host us at the pool. We got to swim with friends and cousins Mary Reese had both of my children swimming to her from the steps and then she would send them back to the stairs for more! No pictures because it was BUSY and I was solo.

Debbie kept the children so Nick and I could attend the evening events, and they had a big time. They went on walks to the gazebo in her neighborhood, saw some bunnies in the front yard, watered her garden and picked and ate strawberries off the vine. They were excited to tell us all about it the next morning.
Walking home from the gazebo

This morning, all the cousins headed out to pick blueberries {a summertime tradition!}. It was HOT, but fun.

Off to pick blueberries
(please forgive her hair...she's in need of her 1st haircut, but I am having a hard time since it is finally growing!)

More Picking...

The bounty...please notice who did the picking and who did the eating...
headed back towards the car
Stopping for picture with the cousins
We enjoyed getting to see family and play with cousins. After our blueberry picking experience, we packed up and headed home. I think my two had a full, wonderful weekend.

What do you think?????

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day!

We had a great day celebrating our Daddy today!

We started off the day with his favorite treat! We took a family trip down to the to watch them making doughnuts HOT n NOW. The kiddos had fun watching them bake and ice...but probably not as much fun as they had eating them once we got home.

Carter and Nick played golf this morning and then met Callen and me at the pool. {aside: At Carter's school, the teachers put up a bulletin board that had what all of the children said they liked to do with their dads. Most were something along the lines of love, hug, read books, etc. Carter's was, "I like to go to the golf course with my daddy." Nick was so proud!} We had a fun time playing together as a family. While the children took naps, Nick joined some other fathers to watch the last round of the US Op.en.

We--our children and me--are so blessed to have such an amazing man as father and husband. Since I have taken a new job, I have been traveling more, and he has not missed a beat! He is fabulous with our children, and they adore him. Everyone is always amazed when they ask if he has help at home when I am gone, and I tell them that he IS the help! {Of course, we are blessed to have Aunt Stacey who has kept them on a few occasions when Nick's had to be gone overnight while I am out of town!}

Happy Father's Day!!! We love our daddy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bows and Big Girl Beds

A few weeks ago, Callen's teachers told us that they thought she was ready for hairbows. To support their claim, they told us that everytime they fix the hair of one of the other girls, Callen asks to have a "hair bow," and if they give her one, she asks to look in the mirror! So, we had only one bow...and she would put in her hair just about from the time she got up in the morning until it was bedtime.

Nick and Callen came back to Birmingham after the Memorial Day weekend, while Carter and I stayed down on the coast because I had to work down there. One afternoon after work/school, Dad took Callen to get a "special treat" of the non-edible variety.

Modeling her purchases
So proud of her bow on the way to school the next morning

I was receiving these updates via text while we were down there and she was thrilled to show me her bows when we finally made it home on Wednesday!

Also while Carter and I were down on the coast, Callen wanted to sleep in Carter's bed. Nick figured it would be a good trial run for when she transitions into her own big girl bed. He said he read her books, put her to sleep and didn't hear a peep out of her until about 5:00am, when she woke up and wasn't sure where she was. He laid down with her to get her back to sleep again until about 6:30. Looks like we have a big girl bed in our not-too-distant future!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nothing says summer...

...quite like this!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day

We headed down to the beach for Memorial Day and the whole Lovoy side of the family was there. We had a big time! Carter and Callen did quite a bit of swimming. Carter gradually gained confidence in the water and made us proud by getting even stronger with his swimming throughout the weekend. Callen tried to scare me to death. The child has NO. FEAR. of the water. Just loves it. I am glad she enjoys it but would appreciate some healthy apprehension until she knows how to swim.

One of the first days we were there, some friends that we don't get to see too often stopped by. Nick and Heyward are fraternity brothers and we have always enjoyed getting to spend time with their family. Although, Carter and Lillie couldn't remember meeting before (they were itty bitties when they met), they played together well. We all had a great time visiting.

Of course, beach trips mean things you don't get to do every day. Like, picnics by the pool...

Riding your scooter/hot wheels inside...
And boat rides...

We look forward to more beach time as the summer gets hotter!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where did May go?

It seems like I blinked, and May was GONE! I am sure that traveling for work during two weeks of the month didn't help with that much. There was quite a bit going on, and, to be honest, blogging took a back seat. So, if you are still reading, I apologize for the hiatus. I wish I could promise it won't happen again...but, instead, I'll promise to TRY not to let it happen again!

Mother's Day was lovely. I was able to spend it with my sweet family and enjoy the precious children that are the reason I have the privilege of being a mom. It is truthfully the hardest, most enjoyable, most rewarding job I have ever had. I always feel like I can handle what the rest of the world throws at me because of motherhood. Sometimes it seems like a good training ground...and, at times, even a microcosm of what I am experiencing in other areas. The calla lilies above were my lovely surprise from my two babies {and my wonderful husband}.

While I was traveling, Nick's bank held a grand opening of one of their branches close to our house. They had activities for the children, so Nick took Carter and Callen and was texting me these pictures while they were there.

Checking out her butterfly balloon animal
Stylin' in Aunt Em's Sunglasses
I'll be back soon. Or at least sooner.