Sunday, January 10, 2010

Turkey Poop

Our friends, the Johnsons, gave us a precious outfit for Callen and a wonderful big brother gift for Carter---a talking Diego magnetic doodle board! He loved drawing on it and was very into having people trace his hand.

At one point, Carter recruited Uncle Steve as tracer. Steve showed Carter how you could turn the outline of your hand into a turkey.

When Aunt B came over, Carter wanted her to doodle with him too.
They ended up doing the whole hand trace thing, as well, and turning it into a turkey. Carter kept asking Button something that she couldn't understand. When she looked at me to figure out what he was asking, I remembered what Steve "taught" Carter the night before.
"Make him poop." That's what Carter was saying. So, Aunt B obliged.
Turkey poop.

***as I type this Carter is saying, "Uncle Steve, make him poop. Turkey poop." Thanks, Uncle Steve...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Bingo

While we were visiting family in Alabama after Christmas, we celebrated Christmas with Nick's family with the {non}traditional Christmas Bingo. My SIL posted about it here. In addition to Bingo, there was lots going on...

Carter got some help opening Christmas presents
Nick protected our Bingo loot...Stacey still made off with my pepper jelly {which Andrea replaced for me!}
Owen decided it was pretty cool to have someone his size around.
Carter finally got to swing his new golf clubs outside.

We got a shot of all of the Willis children and their families and significant others.

We got a shot of all 5 of the grandchildren for the first time.

Rice Cereal

So, I mentioned that Callen started eating rice cereal. Here are a few pictures from the first try.

The good stuff all ready to eat
Not so sure about this
Still not sure
Better...or at least entertained.
She has been eating it pretty well for about the last two weeks. Last night, however, was the first night that she really got into it and was opening her mouth like she wanted more!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Four Months!

Although I am a little late in posting this, this little lovey is four months! It seems hard to believe! Callen turned four months the day after Christmas. We went to the doctor on the 28th and the current stats are: weight--13lb, 12oz; height 25 and 1/8 inches. Everything looks great and she is developmentally on track. We have also spent the last week practicing eating rice cereal. I say practicing because until last night, I think she spit most of it out. However, last night she ate all of it. I guess she has finally figured out how to get it to the back of her mouth and how to swallow solids.

She is more alert and happy these days. In the past week, she has also started "talking" up a storm. She's getting better about sleeping at night {though still not great}, and she still likes to protest naps during the day--taking only little cat naps here or there. Oh, well; we'll have to take our challenges on one at a time!