Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Weekend

I'll give you one guess what we spent our weekend doing...

This truck....
pulled up to this house...
and this ensued...

Late Friday afternoon, the movers were finished unloading everything, and we were fortunate enough to have Nick's mom, sister and brother-in-law help us get everything situated. Debbie and Stacey have helped us all weekend unpack and put up. We are thrilled to be getting settled into our own space. We have just one more wall of boxes to unpack and then we have to figure out how to consolidate all of the packing materials for trash pickup {which might be a more difficult task than unpacking them all!}.

Although our house has been looking like this,
when this is what is going on in our family room, it feels like home.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hmm...what to call it now?

I am perplexed and asking for help from my sweet blog-reading friends (or at least the three of you who read the blog!).

The fact of the matter is...

We aren't a displaced southern family anymore.

So, what do I call the blog now?

I am taking suggestions, as I am not overly creative in that or any, reallyregard. My only request is that you refrain from any suggestions that involve whatcha, talkin' and/or about.

Thanks for your feedback!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoying the warm weather

We loved the warm weather we had this past weekend! Getting outside was definitely the antidote to the cabin fever we'd been experiencing! We were also excited {though no one more excited than Carter} to get to spend time with Emily, my brother's fiance', for the first time since Christmas.

Riding his Big Green Tractor, as he calls it
60 degree weather meant this little lovey got to go outside without socks and a hat
Emily and Callen
Carter is telling Uncle Steve: You are too big!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know, I said that I would do better about posting, and I haven't really lived up to that promise. I am hoping that life will settle down a bit in the next few weeks and enable more regular blog posting.

Life has been moving right along, though.

We bought a house (Yea!!!), and have packed up all our belongings in Indianapolis. They are on a truck now to be delivered to our new house this week. We are very excited about our new home, and look forward to getting settled.

Additionally, these two just keep growing up too fast to suit me. I do love, however, that they are becoming good friends. Carter has always loved on her, but Callen has really started to respond lately. Carter will talk to her or laugh and she will giggly wildly in return. He can get her to laugh when no one else can...and sometimes it goes on for 15 minutes. I love to see her growing up {she'll be 6 months on Friday!!! Where did the time go?}, and even more, I love to see them interact.

On another note, have you been watching the Olympics? Carter has. Here is is, snuggled up in his "cave" watching ice skating.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last weekend it was COLD, and we needed some fun, entertaining activities to do indoors. Bamma and I cooked up an idea to make some indoor s'mores with Carter. Of course, that turned into Nick actually roasting the marshmallows for Carter.

Carter wasn't too sure what was going on at first.

Then he got a little more excited. When he found out chocolate was involved, he got A LOT more excited.
In fact, he wanted to take the chocolate "out of" the s'more to eat. My mom finally convinced him to eat the whole thing together and it was a BIG hit. I wish that I had taken pictures of the aftermath of the s'mores, {which included chocolate, melted marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs just about all over Carter's face and shirt} but I was too busy enjoying one myself!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentime's Day!

Nope, that isn't a typo...that is how Carter wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day! I got to start my Valentine's Day sleeping in {after feeding Callen} thanks to my wonderful husband. By the time I got up, Carter had already received Valentine's surprises from my parents. When he went to the kitchen for something to drink, he found his Valentine's treats from us:
And, if you missed it, there are some Lightening McQueen underwear peeking out from under the shirt.
I believe we are probably a bit premature with the underwear considering that Carter currently has about zero interest in actually going to the bathroom on the potty, but we have to start somewhere, right? Oh, least we'll have it when we need it.

Carter was also excited to show this little girl what her Valentine's treat was.
A Minnie Mouse onesie. I have to admit, it is fun to be able to have pink and ruffles now along with all of the fun boy things we have!
All of the Valentine's excitement tuckered this little one out before breakfast!
Our family hopes that your family has a lovely Valentime's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So, Toto...

I don't think we're in Kansas Indianapolis anymore. While our friends in Indy are doing this and this, we are having our own "Blizzard of 2010" in Alabama. Schools were closed or let out at lunchtime and, thus, daycare also let out at lunchtime. Carter and Callen came home and took naps, and then Carter was ready to go play in the snow. You can see how thrilled he was {and how little snow there was!}.
Scraping up enough snow to make a snowball...a far cry from what we've been used to when it has snowed on us over the past four years!
Throwing the snowball at me!
While we explored the snow outside, Callen was exploring a new {to her} toy inside: the exersaucer. She seemed to enjoy the new stimulation--the lights/sounds and feel of the toys on top of it.

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did you miss me?

I know. It's been a while. Lately, I have been feeling like this:

I can count on one hand the number of times in the last month that I have logged on to our personal computer.

Rather than bore you with excruciating details, I will just hit the highlights for you. Here is what has been going on:
  • Callen and I lived in Indy for the first three weeks of January while I was in training and Carter and Nick lived in Bham with my parents.
  • Callen and I made the transition to Birmingham
  • Carter had an ear infection and high fever that required a trip to the urgent care doctor on the Saturday morning after I got to Birmingham
  • We are diligently trying to find a house in Birmingham, but it is slow-going
  • I spent the first three days of my first week "in Birmingham" in Orlando for a meeting.
  • I have started my new job--officially in the field. The transition has been...interesting. Some days are better than others.
  • Carter and Callen started a new school, and they are both now {I am happy to report} thoroughly enjoying it.
  • Nick and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the first of February.
  • Callen has started eating stage 1 baby food--she's passed the three day test with green beans and peas, and we are on to carrots.
  • We are enjoying lots of family time and have gotten to visit with my family and even make a day trip to Decatur to visit with Nick's family...something we never had the option to do when we lived in Indy.
  • We are LOVING "warmer" {yes, I know this is a relative term, but Indy got 6 inches of snow yesterday!} weather!

So, now you should be pretty up to date on what's been going on around here. I am hoping to be better over the coming weeks! Now, I just need to catch up on everyone else's blogs...