Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today was a big Halloween celebration. Our festivities started with parties at school for each of my children at 3:00 today. I started my fun out with some time in Carter's classroom.

They were finishing story time--in full costume, of course-- when the parents got there.
They quickly transitioned into picture and party mode. I guess we've officially transitioned to 4K when they can sit still for a series of pictures made by all the parents in the room!

Carter enjoyed his Halloween treats with his friends at school!
Then I went next door to celebrate with Cind.erella at her Halloween party. She was already enjoying her treats when I got there.
The whole table {watching a friend melt down across the room}.
Callen was so excited when it was time to go get Carter and head home for trick or treating. They are so sweet together most of the time.

While I was talking with Carter's teachers, they were reading a Halloween book that Carter's teachers had given him.
Once we got home and had some dinner, it was time to get ready to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood.
A shot of Cinder.ella by herself

And one of Bu.zz

Bu.zz thought he'd show me how he flies "to in.finity and beyond"

Riding in the wagon...Daddy-powered
The family Halloween shot
the loot
We had a fun, safe Halloween {without it being too cold}. We hope you had a Happy Halloween, too!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween Festivities

We have enjoyed a few fun activities during this busy week leading up to Halloween. Last Thursday evening, the children's daycare held their fall festival. They do a great job--transforming every room into a carnival activity, having a bouncehouse, serving dinner. I was only able to make it for a little while because I had a work dinner, but Nick was able to stay so that Carter and Callen could bounce, and bounce, and bounce...and maybe fit in a few games.

While I was there, we went to visit with Mrs. Katrina, who is one of Callen's favorite teachers. In her room, they were playing pin the tail on the donkey. Callen got a practice run with no blindfold.

Then Carter showed her how to do it with the blindfold.
So, Callen thought she'd try it.
Carter, of course, gravitated across the hall where they were golfing for prizes.
Callen joined in also.
They stayed for a while longer and bounced, but I never managed to get a picture of that.

Today, our neighborhood had its Halloween block party. We got there a little late because Carter had soccer during the first half. However, there were still some games going on when we got there. There was a bean bag toss...
Bag decorating so that you could hold all your prizes...
And there was a fire truck there also! Carter got to drive, but Callen was too shy to climb up there.

Just a little preview of my Cinderella...

and my Bu.zz Light.year before the trick-or-treating begins!
Our house is all ready for any trick-or-treaters who may come tomorrow night {though I am not too hopeful--we are at the very end of our neighborhood. I don't think we had any last year}.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday, we headed out to the pumpkin patch for a little fall festivities and to bring home some decorations for our front porch. Carter's class had taken a field trip to this particular pumpkin patch so he was excited to share with us all about it!

We drove about 30 minutes to the farm and loaded up in the wagon for our pumpkin patch adventure.
After stopping to go through the hay maze {which essentially meant that Carter raced through the maze and we called his name until we found him!}, we headed over to check out the animals. We got to see goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens and got to touch a baby chick! We also saw horses and calves.
Callen like the horses the best. She kept wanting to go back and see them.
They both liked climbing on the hay mountain. Carter was all about showing Callen how it was done. She was not about to miss out on anything! Fearless, that girl is.
With Daddy riding out to pick out our pumpkins.
A rare picture with me while we were waiting for the hayride.
At the pumpkin patch at last. We picked out four pumpkins...and one was white and I LOVE it!
Determining that this was the perfect pumpkin.
Excited after a fun trip to the pumpkin patch! Not so excited that the sun was in their eyes.
They were great the whole time and exhausted on the way home! Carter asked if we could go back again. I think that means it was great day!

Pig Roast

Last weekend, some friends of ours hosted a "Pigskins and Pig Roast" at their house. They had, as you can see, a whole BBQ'd pig, lots of fixins to accompany it, and several TVs going all day so that we could watch several different football games.

I went with the children because Nick had gone to Tuscaloosa for the football game. The children were entertained with a bouncehouse, friends from school, and face-painting. I'll let you guess which was their favorite.

I tried to talk Carter out of getting his face painted. He would have none of it. It was Spidey he wanted, and Spidey he got.

I had a little better success convincing Callen. She opted for a rainbow wrapped around her arm. But, make no mistake, she was going to have something...because all the big kids had something painted.

We had a fun time eating, playing and watching football with friends!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sassy Sister

Little Miss has been especially sassy lately. Not in a negative way; rather, more in an "I am really wanting to be a girly-girl" way.

This is what she insisted on wearing to school last week. {sorry for the poor quality...she wasn't really wanting me to take a picture, so I couldn't try for take 2}

Last weekend, she had had enough of bows. She wanted pigtails. Anyone have any idea how hard it is to put pigtails in someone's hair when it barely touches her shoulders? Tough. But we managed. Because, what young lady can be sassy without pigtails?