Saturday, February 16, 2013

Decatur Visit

In late January, we made a trip up to Decatur.  Luckily for us, everyone {including Stacey & David} was in town that weekend.  Carter and Callen were excited that they were able to pack in lots of cousin time.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Debbie's with the whole crew, and then Debbie took us over to a friend's house so that the children could dig up some carrots.

A quick cousin shot {+Wrigley} before the carrot-digging.

Everyone with with their fresh-from-the-dirt carrots.  I think my children were amazed that this is how carrots actually grow!  They were very proud and enjoyed munching on them after we washed them off.

 That evening, we spent the night with Popsy & Gigi, who were kind enough to allow us to roast weenies and make smores over the fire on the back porch.

We enjoyed our quick visit and everyone's teeth checked out fabulously the next day at Popsy's dentist office!