Sunday, March 30, 2008

Visiting Baby Jack!

Our friends, Nicole and Kip, had a new addition to their family arrive last Wednesday. We went by today to meet baby Jack and see how the new parents were doing. Jack is precious...teeny with a head full of hair. He was quite the snoozer too. He slept most of our visit, but gave us a few shouts out toward the end. The parents are doing great, as well...they already seem like old pros! Carter was incredibly interested in Jack. You can't tell in the picture, but he was reaching out for him, wanting to touch him, and smiling at him. Nick and I were saying that it was hard for us to believe Carter was ever that tiny...well, actually, he wasn't because Jack isn't even 7 lbs yet...but you know what I mean. We are incredibly happy for Kip and Nicole and can't wait for Jack and Carter to play together! It won't be long!
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My New Favorite Toy

is actually not a toy at all! Carter is all into the remote control these days. He can spot it from a mile away and goes diving for it or scooting towards it. He loves to press all the buttons (some of them light up!) and is completely oblivious to the effects of his button-pushing! Apparently, it tastes good too!
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It's hard work...

...being this cute and having so much fun! I took this picture of Carter when we got home from work/school on Friday afternoon. Usually, he talks to me all the way home when I pick him up, but he was completely worn out on Friday. We didn't get out of the parking lot good before he stopped talking and fell asleep. Apparently, he was too busy having fun at school to worry about sleeping on Friday. They give me a sheet when I pick him up detailing everything like diaper changes, naps, feedings, play, etc., and his said he only slept for a total of 40 minutes on Friday! I guess he felt like playing with his buddies...after all, you can sleep in on Saturdays!
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

A close up in my Easter outfit

We have had a wonderful day celebrating Easter today! It has been wonderful to share the Holiday with Carter. I know that he is too young to comprehend the resurrection of Jesus, but we want him to grow up knowing these truths about God and Christianity, so it is never to soon to start talking to him about them. We celebrated this beautiful day by going to church this morning as a family. As expected, church was VERY packed, but it was a nice service with lots of beautiful music and a meaningful, God-inspired message. Carter slept through most of it, but continues to be good during church when he is awake.

After church, we went to brunch with our good friends Haley and James. It was great to be able to spend time with them, and we enjoyed a yummy brunch until we were all incredibly stuffed. Carter was a happy little guy during lunch; he especially liked watching all of the older children who were running around. He crashed for about two hours when we got home, though...we wore the little guy out!
The family at brunch
It turns out that even if you are a little boy (almost 7 months old!) the Easter Bunny comes to visit. Thanks to Popsy and Gigi who gave Carter his Easter Basket. It is hard to fill it with candy when all he eats is baby food and milk, so the EB filled the basket with books, new PJs, a teether and some candy for Carter to share with Mom and Dad!
Carter's Easter Basket
Checking out the contents

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Playdate with the Murphys

So, I say playdate with the Murphys because it was a "playdate" for everyone. As you can see from above, Carter and Connor certainly played together, which was fun to watch. Thanks to Connor for sharing all of his fun toys and his jumperoo. Carter had a blast and was super-tired from all the fun when we got home. And, although it looks like Carter is trying to strangle Connor in one of the pictures above, he was really just trying to give him some love. They were too cute playing together. In addition to the little boys playing together, the dads were able to watch some basketball while Deanna and I were able to chat and catch up for the first time in what felt like a long time! It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening...hanging out with friends, eating dinner, watching the tourney. Thanks to the Murphys for having us over!
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sensory Day

Today, the infant suite (there are four infant classrooms) at Carter's school had a "Sensory Activity Day." Basically, this is an afternoon where they invite the parents to come spend an hour and a half with their children who are experiencing different activity stations with all of their 5 senses. It was great fun to watch Carter experience all the different textures and interact with all of the teachers and the other children. The pictures above (from top left clockwise) show him playing with yarn, dumping out rice, fingerpainting, and playing with (read: trying to eat) playdough. There was also a reading station where two of the parents read books in Spanish. It was really a lot of fun and great to see him so happy in such a great learning environment.

When I got there today, he was asleep, and his teacher says, "You might be mad at me. Carter may have some dye on his clothes. We dyed Easter eggs today." ???? I gotta give the teachers some credit...they are brave souls. Turns out, they stripped all the kiddos to their diapers, and sat them at the little table to dye eggs. She said Carter really seemed to enjoy it and kept looking at her as if to say, "Are you sure I should be doing this?" She showed me pictures she had taken of all the children, and it was truly too cute to see! Carter's masterpiece is below...and, if it means a little dye on his be it.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The cutest little boy, ever!

My apologies to those of you who have little boys of your own...but I am sure you understand the feeling...

Please check out the latest pics of our little man that were taken at the beginning of the month!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Mom, can we go now?

Carter and I ventured to Target yesterday to grocery shop and buy a few other items, but I couldn't pass up walking through the discount aisle at the front of the store. I saw this cute green Lucky Charm shirt that was only $1, so I knew I couldn't pass it up. I figured he could wear it today to school to be festive for St. Patrick's Day. Like any good Alpha Chi knows, you don't wear a new t-shirt before you wash I came home and threw it in the wash with a couple of other things. Lo, and behold, $1 shirts shrink quickly! When I showed Nick the shirt out of the dryer last night, he asked if Carter was going to be showing some midriff at school today. A long sleeve onesie underneath to keep the little fella warm solved that problem! I am sure this is about the last time I will be able to pull this St. Patrick's Day, I am sure he will have a definite opinion about what he should wear!

(P.S. Sorry that the pictures aren't so great...I snapped them on the way out the door to work this morning!)
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Play date with Miles

The Habegger family was nice enough to invite us over for dinner on Sunday night, so Carter and Miles had a little play date. It was fun to get to see them interact. Carter really liked Miles' new ball, and Miles was very nice to share. Thanks to the Habeggers for a yummy dinner and a fun night!

These pictures are just some fun pics of Carter sitting on Nick's lap interested in ESPN!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun with Carrots and Cups

So, Carter has figured out that if you swat at the spoon, it sends the food flying. This makes for a much more entertaining dinner time--at least for him!
Carrots are fun to wear, too!
Mom, look! Now I can play with the carrots.

These paper cups provide lots of entertainment

They taste good, too.
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Nick's New Look

Nick decided to forgo shaving while we were in Jackson Hole on vacation. Upon our return to Indy, I said that I liked the rugged look of his beard and asked him to keep it for a little bit. A little hesitantly, Nick decided to keep it for just one more week, since he would be starting a new job after that. (Quick aside: for those who don't know, Nick re-joined Regions Bank here in Indy on Monday.) So, last Sunday, I was downstairs when he went upstairs to shave it off. After a little while, he called me upstairs and this is what I saw. I couldn't stop laughing so I had to share it with y'all.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trying Hard!

Carter wanted to show off his latest move...or at least his attempt at a new move. He appears to want to become more mobile than simply rolling around.