Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Half Birthday!

Celebrating my Half Birthday!
Isn't my party hat cute? Thanks, Emma Hensley!
Gettin' a little crazy with the celebrating!
Today, Carter celebrated his first six months of life! Nick and I are in awe every day of this precious little boy that God has entrusted to us. Being Carter's parents is such an incredible responsibility and such an incredible joy. We are always amazed at how loving, happy, smart (of course!) and sweet he is. We truly love watching him learn and grow and look forward to each day with him.
Carter's friend Emma Hensley McMasters sent him this cute birthday hat! Emma Hensley celebrated her 1/2 Birthday last Friday and looked pretty cute in the hat should check out her pictures on the McMasters' blog. We were so excited to get home from work/school today and find this little package waiting on Carter. I couldn't wait to put the hat on him and take pictures. Carter is very lucky that Emma Hensley's mom is so creative and crafty...without her, he would have been celebrating without his birthday hat! Thanks, Emma Hensley, Jennie Marie, and Carlton!
We also had Carter's six month appointment today, so just a few updates on his stats. He is now 28inches long, weighing in at 15lbs, 14.5oz. Isn't it amazing that something so small can fill your heart in such a big way?!!?
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

In the Green...and Jackson Hole

Family pic before a day of skiing

We just returned home this afternoon from a week-long ski vacation in Jackson Hole, WY. Last year, around this time at a silent auction, we bid on a house in JH and won it! We were joined on our ski vacation by our friends Elizabeth and Rich, who were so much fun to spend the week with! The house was very nice and had a gorgeous view (see the pictures below), and the weather was perfect for this novice skiier...cold, but sunny and not snowing! Nick has experience skiing, but I had zero prior to this trip. I took a lesson the first day and wasn't really excited about it when I met Nick for lunch. However, by the end of the first day, I was looking forward to the next day. I did spend the majority of my time on the green slopes, but the last day I skiied, I attempted a blue with Nick. It wasn't pretty, but I made it down thanks to some patient coaching from my husband!

Carter was a pretty good little traveler on our trip! He was GREAT on the plane trips, but had a little trouble adjusting to the time change and had some tough nights. All in all, he truly was an angel, though, and it was such a treat to have him there with us.
more vacation pictures are on our shutterfly site (see the link on the sidebar)

Mommy and Carter after a day of skiing for Mom

The view from our living room window

Eating my feet in DFW on the way home
So tired back in Indy

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogging Moms

Today while I was having some "mom time" at work (read: pumping), I read an article in Wondertime magazine. The title caught my eye: Confessions of a Mommy Blogger. It was a fun read and made me think about the community of mom bloggers out there. I especially chuckled at how she suggested that the stories we tell on our children via the blog will eventually turn into a college drinking game: i.e. Everyone whose mom blogged about a leaky diaper...DRINK!

Anyway, if you are a Mommy blogger (or even if you aren't), take a read if you would like...Confessions of a Mommy Blogger...and be sure to click on the other blogs in her article, too!

Oh, yes...and Happy Valentine's Day!


This is a follow up to the previous post about Carter's baptism, as I have been reminded of two things I failed to share:
  1. While Mom, Dad, Emily and I put the cake back together; my brother, Steve, was the process engineer, suggesting the position and angles that the toothpicks needed to be in order to hold the cake together. (so thanks, Steve!)
  2. The weather on Sunday around lunchtime in Birmingham was right around 70 degrees. As we drove back to Indianapolis, it dropped precipitously (isn't that a great word?!?) to a ridiculous 7 degrees. We knew we were in trouble when it was 20-something degrees by the time we got north of Nashville.

Ok...I think that is all I forgot in the previous post...though I feel confident that others will remind me if it is not! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Carter's Baptism

Just a happy fellow ready for my baptism

This past Sunday was a very special day for our family. Carter was baptized on Sunday at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL. It was such a wonderful day. Nick and I were able to stand at the front of the church--the same church we were married in just over 5 years ago--and pledge that we will teach Carter about the Lord, keep Carter in the ministry of the church, and live lives that demonstrate our faith in Christ, so that Carter can one day confirm his membership in Christ's holy church. Sunday was probably one of the three most amazing, awe-inspiring days of my life (our wedding and his birthday are the other two.)! I am truly humbled by a God who loves us as much as ours does and entrusts his children to our care while they are here on earth. My prayer is that Nick and I live our lives according to His calling and do all that we can to help Carter learn to love the Lord and have a relationship with Him also.
Carter was an absolute angel during the ceremony and throughout the church service. He wore the baptism gown that Nick's mom made for our nephew's baptism almost 5 years ago. Banks wore the gown, then his sister Mary Reese wore it, and now Carter has worn it. You should check out the pictures on Andrea's blog of all three little ones in the gown.
We were fortunate to have many family members and friends help us celebrate this important day of Carter's life with us. After church, my parents were gracious enough to let us host a luncheon at their home. Nick cooked some yummy gumbo and we were able to visit with our family and friends. We very much appreciate everyone sharing in our joy on such a wonderful occasion.

We did have one slight tragegia (that is what my nephew, Banks, calls tragedies). On Saturday when I picked up the cake that we had for desert, they had just finished it. Apparently, I drove a little too fast or a little too carelessly on the way guessed it...the cake slid apart. It took four of us (me, Mom, Dad, & Emily) to reassemble it. It didn't look as good as it did when I left Olexa's, but it tasted just as good! In the pictures below, the top two are the "before" and the bottom two are "after" we put it back together!

The before and after cake pictures

Monday, February 4, 2008

Look At Me!!!!

I am such a big boy!

As promised, here are some recent pictures of Carter. Yes, he is finally becoming able to enjoy the view of the world from a more upright position these days. He isn't really proficient at sitting up yet, but he is trying hard. He really started to sit up well and for a little longer periods of time this weekend. His teacher called me today at work to tell me that he had been sitting up really well with her today, also.

You can't keep me down!

Now that he is into sitting by himself, he no longer wants to lay back in his swing. He pulls himself to a sitting position and thinks it is hilarious.

He is getting so big! I asked him this morning when I woke him up what he had done with my baby. Every time I look at him he seems like such a little man!

Hangin' out in my exersaucer with Wrigs

We had a fun weekend celebrating our anniversary and hanging out with Carter. As an added bonus to our wonderful weekend, it was almost 60 degrees here today and is supposed to be warm again tomorrow! Yea! Nevermind that it is rainy and will be cold again later in the week...I am just thankful for the break from the cold!

Seriously, Mom, get me out of here

Friday, February 1, 2008

Right Now, Five Years Ago...

...we were walking out of the church and heading to our wedding reception! It is hard to believe that five years can pass so quickly! I asked Nick at the beginning of the week if he could believe that it has been five years. After a few wise cracks (which should surprise none who know him!), he honestly answered that it has gone by fast. What a wonderful five years it has been...and how much fun it has been to grow from a happy couple to a young family! I can't wait to see what the next 5, 10, 15+ years hold!

Happy Anniversary! I love you!

(not from our wedding, digital pics from that!)

PS: For those who were hoping for pictures of Carter, please stay tuned. I will post some soon!