Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Soccer

Carter played U-4 soccer this spring through the Vestavia Soccer Club.  Nick volunteered to coach his team and recruited another dad we know who had a daughter on the team, too.  They had a great season...although they don't officially keep score in this league, we are pretty sure they only lost two games!

Carter started off a little slow at the beginning of the season, but by a few games in he was getting the hang of it!  He was so excited during his last game that he scored twice!  Once was a legitimate score and once he got it down to the goal and the other team actually kicked it in for him!

Warming up before the game
 Ready for the game
 Approaching the ball
 Kicking it down the field
 Sister thought it was social hour...she liked playing with- and sharing food with- the little sister of another player.
 Waiting for the kick

We missed the last game of the season because we were at Dis.ney World {posts on this coming soon}, but had a great season and enjoyed watching Carter have fun and learn a new sport!