Sunday, December 30, 2012

Callen's Christmas Program

In December, Callen's school {also where Carter goes for after-school}, hosted a Santa breakfast for the families.  It was so great!  They had it from 7-9am so that the school age children could come also before school.  We went by...Callen wanted to take a picture with Santa, but Carter said he had already taken one so he didn't need to take another one!

A couple of days later, the preschool classes held a Christmas program.  Callen had been reciting her poems and singing songs for a few weeks in preparation.  {she is on the middle row, second from the right to the child with the white bow}.
 They did a great job and the program was very sweet!  After the program, they hosted us to a reception in their room.  She was excited to show me all of the crafts they had created!

 She loved her "Callen elf" as she called it.  It is now hanging in her room! 

Callen with two of her sweet friends after the program.  

We love VDS!

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